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Acts & Rules

Acts administered by Revenue Department

1. Jammu and Kashmir Tenancy Act 1923
  • An Act to consolidate, amend and declare the law relating to the tenancy of land in the State.
  • First major reform in the field of agrarian history in the State.
  • Act defined the classes, rights, liabilities and interests of tenants.
  • Raised the economic, social and the personal status of the tillers.
  • Act has become redundant after enactment of Jammu and Kashmir Agrarian Reforms Act, 1976.
2. Jammu and Kashmir Land Revenue Act, 1939
  • An Act to consolidate, amend and declare the law in force with respect to making and maintenance of Record-of Rights in land, the assessment and collection of land revenue and other matters relating to land and the liabilities incident thereto.
  • Basic Revenue Law to deal with Revenue Administration.
  • Deals with classes and powers of various Revenue Officers, the procedure for appeals, review and revision of the orders passed by Revenue Officers, procedure fro issue and service of summons, proclamations and their appearances, preparation of Record-of Rights, Annual Records and revision thereof and trial of suits.
3. Jammu and Kashmir Evacuee (Administration of Property Act), 1949
  • An Act to provide for the administration of Evacuee’s property in the State.
  • Vests the powers to administer said property with Custodian General.
4. Jammu and Kashmir Kahcharai Act, 1954
  • An Act to make better provision for and to consolidate and amend the Law relating to Kahcharai and other matters connected therewith.
5. Jammu and Kashmir Chowkidari Act, 1956
  • An Act to amend, consolidate and declare the Law relating to the appointment and maintenance of Chowkidars in towns and villages.
6. Jammu and Kashmir Land Grants Act, 1960
  • An Act to provide for grant of lands on lease by the Government.
  • Applies to State and Nazool land only including buildings.
7. Jammu and Kashmir Lambardari Act, 1972
  • An Act to amend and consolidate the Law relating to payment of remuneration of Lambardars for recovery of public demands.
8. Jammu and Kashmir Agrarian Reforms Act, 1976
  • An Act to provide for transfer of land to tillers thereof subject to certain conditions and for better utilization of land in the State.
  • Transfer of land in ownership rights to tillers.
  • Optimum retainable land/Ceiling on land reduced to 121/2 Standard Acres (100 Standard Kanals) per family and absentee landlordism abolished altogether.
  • Provision for resumption and disposal of surplus land.
  • Prohibition on creation of fresh tenancies.
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